August 24th, 2016 / Training & Certifications

Culinary & Hospitality Management Institute (CHMI) Bahamas

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The Culinary and Hospitality Management Institute (CHMI) is a centre of excellence for culinary and hospitality management studies in the region. The Institute prepares skilled and knowledgeable individuals in response to national and international human resource needs of hospitality, tourism and allied industries. It offers basic, professional and academic programmes and opportunities through quality vocational and technical training, professional development and research.

Through strategic industry partnerships, CHMI has achieved a number of critical ends, including:

  • The creation of more flexible programme offerings;
  • Enhanced accessibility for a diverse student population;
  • The creation of a regionally and internationally renowned centre of excellence in the culinary and hospitality arena;
  • Improved avenues for faculty research and exchanges with institutes of comparable quality; and
  • The establishment of a consistent revenue stream.

CHMI courses of study lead to degrees and certificates.

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